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GP Harmon handles a high volume of corrugated papers for the production of corrugated containers and packaging.  


GP Harmon handles a large volume of linerboard. Made mostly from softwood fibers, linerboard is a paperboard used as the facing material in the production of corrugated and solid-fiber containers. Linerboard is usually classified according to finish.

  • Virgin Linerboard
    Virgin linerboard is made from non-recycled fibers.
  • Recycled Linerboard
    Recycled linerboard is made from 100 percent recycled fibers.
  • Bleached Linerboard
    This solid white board is used for higher quality boxes where the quality of the graphics is of utmost importance.
  • Mottled White Top
    This is considered a white top linerboard. The top ply (approximately 20 percent) on a white top sheet is made from bleached pulp or white grades of recycled fiber.


GP Harmon handles a large volume of kraft paper, both natural and bleached. Paper made from bleached or unbleached kraft pulp. It is a strong paper used primarily for wrapping packaging.

  • Natural Kraft
    Natural kraft is unbleached.
  • Bleached Kraft
    Bleached kraft is a white paper.
  • Natural Kraft Wet Strength
    This is a multi-wall paper with wet strength.
  • Bleached Kraft Wet Strength
    This is a bleached multi-wall paper with wet strength.


GP Harmon handles a large volume of unbleached kraft grades in a wide range of qualities - from pristine double lined kraft cuttings to cost-effective, waxed produce boxes.

  • Double Lined Kraft (DLK)
    Double lined kraft is the die-cut scrap from box-converting operations. These cuttings are extremely clean and dry.
  • Double-Lined Kraft (DLK-CT, DLK-DM)
    Double lined kraft with colored top liner or dark medium provides an alternative material that is also extremely clean and dry with a uniform brown color.
  • Double-Sorted Old Corrugated Containers (DSOCC)
    Double-sorted OCC consists of used corrugated boxes generated from indoor industrial sources. The cartons are sorted at the source and again before baling to provide the cleanest and driest form of post-consumer unbleached Kraft available.
  • Old Corrugated Containers (OCC)
    Regular-quality old corrugated containers contain recovered corrugated boxes from various commercial and residential sources. material is sorted prior to baling and packed to paper stock industry standards.
  • Waxed Old Corrugated Containers (WX-OCC)
    Waxed OCC are made into produce boxes with a moisture-proof coating for uses such as shipment of fresh fruits and vegetables packed in crushed ice. It is a cost-effective grade for some recycling mills.