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GP Harmon has more than 35 years of experience in buying and selling recycled fiber. Headquartered in Jericho, New York, we have a rich history of market contributions to the industry. We have distinguished ourselves with superior customer service and continue to create value today by synchronizing technology, infrastructures, materials and people who manage or support customer throughout the recycled fiber supply chain.


  • Harmon established as a strong regional fiber trading company specializing in selling kraft grades to container board and gypsum mills


  • Fort Howard Paper Company purchases Harmon
  • Harmon begins procuring wastepaper for 100 percent recycled mills
  • Established and maintained brokerage business


  • Fort Howard merges with James River to form Fort James Corp.


  • Brokerage business continues to grow
  • Assumes responsibility for Fort James wastepaper mills
  • Harmon International is formed
  • Trading business in the U.K. and parts of Europe is developed
  • Georgia-Pacific acquires Fort James


  Harmon integrates three Georgia-Pacific businesses:
  • Wastepaper purchasing for Georgia-Pacific’s container board mills
  • Marketing of recyclable materials from 51 box plants
  • Consolidation of Harmon and Georgia-Pacific recycling operations


  • Harmon forms relationship in Mexico to begin fiber trading in Latin America


  • Harmon assumes responsibility for purchasing recovered fiber for Georgia-Pacific plants in France and the Netherlands


  • Harmon forms WATER LILY® joint marketing relationship with PACCESS in China


  • Harmon launches innovative, environmentally-centered pilot program to generate recovered fiber from nonconventional resources