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GP Harmon handles a large volume of groundwood grades. These printed papers are generated from either preconsumer generators (such as newspaper, magazine and advertising printers) or postconsumer residential curbside collection programs.

  • Over-Issue News (OIN)
    Over-issue news sheets are press spoils, misprints and overruns generated from newspaper printing operations.
  • Groundwood Flyleaf Shavings
    Groundwood flyleaf shavings are the lightly printed trim from printing operations.
  • Coated Groundwood Sections (CS)
    Groundwood sections are coated and printed advertising waste papers generated from these printers.
  • Special News, De-Ink Quality (ONP)
    De-ink news is normal material contained in daily newspaper with coated and uncoated papers.
  • Curbside News, De-Ink quality (ONP)
    Curbside news is used groundwood papers generated by households and includes newspapers, magazines and soft-covered books.