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GP Harmon handles a large volume of postconsumer papers generated from office buildings and sorted to remove other contamination. The quality and value of each grade depends on the degree of sorting involved.

  • Sorted White Ledger (SWL)
    Sorted white ledger contains virtually no colored, heavily inked or coated papers. Bales consist of bleached ledger envelopes, copy papers and other used bleached white papers with usual amounts of ink coverage and staples, paper clips and rubber bands. All groundwood and unbleached papers are removed.
  • Office Paper #1 (OP1)
    Office paper contains all bleached papers with a high percentage of white papers that have been left in the pack.
  • Sorted Office Paper (SOP)
    Sorted office paper contains small levels of newspapers and magazines, as well as traces of unbleached papers.
  • File Stock (FS)
    File stock contains manila file folders, newspapers and magazines. Unbleached papers are allowed up to 1 percent by weight in each bale.
  • Mixed Papers (MIX)
    Mixed papers are clean, dry papers with trace levels of contamination such as plastics and other nonfiberous material. Papers are not separated by grade, and bales contain a variety of bleached, unbleached, groundwood and recycled papers.