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Plastic & Metal Plastics

GP Harmon has an important industry role in recycling plastic and metal pre- and post-consumer scrap nationwide. Our worldwide marketing expertise and significant volume of captive tons can benefit all recyclers.

Recycler for MRF operators

As one of the nation's largest fiber recyclers, GP Harmon offers marketing services for grades of material including:

  • Film and bag film generated by retail and industry including LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP. The material value depends on the amount of moisture, contamination and amount of color.
  • PET bottles
  • HDPE natural and pigmented bottles
  • Commingled bottle bales
  • Post-industrial and post-consumer scrap including PVC, PS, PP, PC and other
  • Aluminum cans, litho-plates and other nonferrous metals
  • Steel cans, steel baling wire and other ferrous metals
  • And more…

Recycler for Commercial Retail

Whether grocery, apparel, general merchandise or home improvement, GP Harmon is helping retailers nationwide to recycle more. Programs have been established at store and distribution centers to handle:

  • LLDPE and LDPE films
  • HDPE bag film
  • PET strapping
  • Garment hangers
  • Metal shelving, food service cans and other ferrous/nonferrous metals
  • Plastic bottles grades from cafeteria
  • And more…

Recycler for Industry

With significant volumes of post-industrial scrap marketed for Georgia-Pacific facilities nationwide, GP Harmon has expertise in marketing a variety of post-industrial grades including:

  • MDPE, LDPE and HDPE film with/without print
  • Rigid plastics of all sorts
  • Post-industrial regrind and off-spec resin
  • Ferrous/Nonferrous scrap metal of all sorts
  • And more…
  • Plastic Recycling Plant