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GP Harmon trades a wide range of coated and uncoated printing and writing papers. 


GP Harmon handles a large volume of uncoated free sheet grades (primarily white) from mills in the U.S. At times, the product is available from foreign suppliers as well. Bond, offset and xerographic grades are the most common. We also handle rolls of odd lot/job lot as well as SPOT making prime tons.


GP Harmon handles a high volume of bleached grades generated from many different converting and printing operations. This material is groundwood-free, clean and dry with a variety of ink coverage.

  • Lightly Printed Bleached Sulfate (LPBS)
    Lightly printed bleached sulfate is the trim stock from bleached board converting source. Ink overage is minimal and the fiber yield is excellent.
  • Heavily Printed Bleached Sulfate (HPBS)
    Heavily printed bleached sulfate is the misprinted sheet stock from bleached board converters. Ink coverage is heavy but usually only on one side. This grade also provides excellent fiber yield.
  • Manifold White Ledger (MWL)
    Manifold white ledger is bleached, white, uncoated paper from printing sources. The papers are normally printed on two sides with a variety of colored inks. De-inking mills get excellent brightness from this stock.
  • Printer’s Waste (PW)
    Printer’s waste contains coated and uncoated, bleached printing papers with significant ink coverage. This pre-consumer grade is free of groundwood.
  • Coated Book Stock (CBS)
    Coated book stock is clay-coated, groundwood-free printing paper with heavy ink coverage on both sides. This grade is a value for many de-inking mills because of its uniform consistency.
  • Insoluble Glued Shavings (IGS)
    Insoluble glued shavings are generated from book binding operations that produce high-grade trim from soft-covered book production.


GP Harmon handles a large volume of pulp substitutes. These unprinted wastepaper grades are rolls, slabs and cuttings from converting operations that can be repulped into secondary fiber and used as a direct entry to the paper machine without further cleaning or bleaching.

  • Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)
    Hard white envelopes are uniform, bright-white, uncoated cuttings from envelope manufacturers.
  • Hard White Shavings (HWS)
    Hard white shavings contain bleached white, unprinted and uncoated trim with shade variation.
  • Coated Soft White Shavings (CSWS)
    Soft white shavings are unprinted bleached papers with clay coatings.
  • White News Blank (WNB)
    News blanks are unprinted, uncoated groundwood newspapers free of all color and printing.
  • Publication Blank (CPB)
    Publication blanks are coated groundwood papers free of colors and printing.
  • Kraft Envelope Cuttings (KEC)
    Kraft envelope cuttings are unbleached golden or brown paper cuttings generated by envelope converters.