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GP Harmon is a formidable ally in the recycled fiber market, trading in a full array of recycled fiber materials. We offer a variety of recycled fiber products ranging from newsprint to specialty papers.

Learn more about some of our many products by clicking on the links below. These product examples show the range of our capabilities for trade throughout the world. For more information, please contact us today. 

corrugated Corrugated:  GP Harmon handles a wide range of corrugated grades for containers and packaging.
newsprint Newsprint:  GP Harmon handles a high volume of groundwood grades of fibers generated by pre- and post-consumer sources.
office paper Office Paper:  GP Harmon handles office waste paper fibers that are recycled back into printing and writing paper.
printing paper Printing Paper:  GP Harmon handles a large volume of coated and uncoated printing and writing grades and types of papers from U.S. and foreign mills.
plastic Plastic/Metal:  With mill customers worldwide, GP Harmon is an ideal trading partner for a range of recyclable grades.
speciality Specialty:  GP Harmon offers an extensive bleach board trading matrix and warehouse program.